A Beginning

We understand much of the way we live life as ‘the way things are’, yet the world we think we know so well is constantly changing. Nothing stays the same. This planet has seen countless ways, countless forms, conditions and myriad life forms emerge and fade throughout the 4,000 million plus years that the Earth has existed.

12,000 years ago the very place you sit right now was covered in mile thick ice. Just 200 years ago, there were no cars, no electricity, no corner shop.

All evidence suggests that we are already beginning to experience another major shift. An increasingly hostile climate, coupled with shrinking land mass, the potential for super virus epidemic – any one of these could suddenly and radically change life as we have comfortably known it.

Already the institutions we have known are dissolving.
Housing ladders are losing their rungs. Job security is already an outdated concept, as is the idea that happiness comes from financial wealth. People are waking up to the sheer unsustainability of the mass acquisition and subsequent discarding of material goods.

What use are these in a new world where truly creative thinking is necessary to ensure our very survival?

We will not help the children of tomorrow by teaching them to regurgitate the facts of history. They will not thrive if all they learn at school is to fit into an archaic and failing system. Indeed, it is dangerous to be training our new generations to sit still and be quiet.

If they are to survive and flourish, they will need to be strong, self-directed and profoundly innovative. They will need to be emotionally secure and spiritually aware – fierce and also gentle, ambitious and compassionate, holding themselves and all around them with reverence, to be able to powerfully lead themselves and others into a new era of human existence.

Mighty Oaks Foxes is a beginning.
Our school is emerging in which these qualities are called forward, and each child has the opportunity to grow fully into who they truly are – lovingly supported and respected as they evolve through all their developmental stages. They will be nurtured and encouraged to grow in every dimension – acquiring emotional intelligence as well as academic, spiritual understanding as well as scientific.
They will become Masters of their own experience, learning how to move through the world with great intention and awareness, in their journey to becoming Magnificent Men and Women.
And in this process, as their parents, we will also have the opportunity to grow deeper into who we truly are.

Our greater vision is to create an open source modular micro schooling system – with individual satellite classes all connected, sharing resources and information.  Under this unified umbrella, different classes might operate completely different systems – whatever each local group chooses works best for them.

We can work alone on these ambitions, but I am aware that if we can come together with these intentions, then something even greater is possible. Not only for ourselves and our own families but more importantly, for our community and our species.

“The end I envision for my children’s education is not the mastery of subject matter… For the end we envision lies not in the amassing of facts or concepts which, in itself, has little more intrinsic value than the accumulation of shoes, baseball cards, or sports cars, but in the responsible exercise of freedom – the freedom to learn, to create, to grow, to be – unfettered by prejudice, their own or that of others, unhampered to the highest degree possible by others’ expectations and their own preconceptions, fears and self-doubts, uninhibited by dependencies not freely chosen.”

David H. Albert – from “And The Skylark Sings With Me – Adventures in Homeschooling and Community-Based Education”


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