Imagine Going to School in the Woods!

Leaving behind the road…then the car… following the red ribbons, winding through deer tracks, past ponds and magnificent trees, to arrive at a sun-filled and sheltered clearing, where a gorgeous little classroom sits, clad with waney edge board and cedar shingles.

Teacher has already arrived and lit a fire in the wood burner. The kettle is on, and she’s sitting out on the steps knitting, or playing her flute. As the first child arrives, she puts down her work and rises to greet them, shaking their hands, being fully present with each child and where they are in that moment, that day.

There is space for sitting at desks, where each child learns to read and write by creating their own unique reading books, richly illustrated by the child’s own imagination.

But much of the day is spent outside in the woodland, in exploratory adventures, immersed in the richness of seasons, inseparably intertwined with trees and plants, foxes, badgers and bees…

Learning there is a whole-form whole body experience – specially tailored to suit each child’s individual temperament. The children are surrounded by quality, by things being done well, and beautifully, with great care and consideration. They absorb what that feels like, and it becomes their own benchmark for living.

Here is a calm and peaceful space for learning… a place of wonder, of reverence, where children can be free to be child-like… and be loved and cared for, to be empowered to learn at their own pace, to deeply explore their own unique passions, and nurtured to grow to their fullest potential.


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