Mighty Oaks BADGERS Parent & Child Group

Badgers is a woodland parent & child group for 0–7 year olds,
pregnant mums most welcome too.
Wednesdays 10:00am – 12:30pm.
Led by Tim Sanderson.

Swanton Novers, Norfolk, NR24.

A beautiful morning in the gentle welcoming atmosphere of the living woods, around a blazing fire, with activities for both parents and children throughout the changing seasons.

Drawing from the Steiner Early Years approach we create an environment where the young child is provided with unhurried opportunities to develop socially, emotionally and physically in a creative, enabling and harmonious setting.

Practical experiences and free play, where language and communication are enabled through a rich oral tradition, support children’s foundations in literacy and numeracy. The simple day to day activities of domestic life are woven into the session, providing children with opportunities to learn through imitation.

The Parent and Child Group flows with a regular and predictable rhythm, and the session includes a woodland walk, sitting together for food, play and occasional crafts for children and adults and circle time around the fire with seasonal songs and rhythmical verses, story and movement.

Children are able to play freely throughout the morning. Children are free to help with and experience domestic activites, such as food preparation, tidying and care for self and others.

Parents and children are free to choose where they would like to be and flow in between.

The snack, prepared by adults and children is shared together around the table, where the mood is relaxed and social. We eat simple wholesome food.

The Rhythm of the Day

10:00 am  Arrive and gather by the fire for circle time – welcoming families and opening the session.

10:15 am  Woodland walk.

10:45am  Food preparation and wash hands.

11:00am  Snack – Families bring organic fruit, nuts, wholefoods to the group to share during snack time. Hot drinks provided.
Tidy up – children help as part of the daily rhythm.

11:30am  Free play and sometimes we have a craft activity for parents and children.

12:15pm  Closing circle time – story and song for the whole group.

12:30pm Home Time.