What Is Your Ideal Education?

In April 2015, we came together around the fire in the woods to share ideas, and listen to each other’s thoughts on ideal education for children.

It was a heartening and encouraging gathering of people from various backgrounds and situations, yet all expressing similar desires.
What transpired became a manifesto for our Foxes class…

For our children to maintain their own innate thirst for learning, retaining their natural awe and wonder about the world.

To know who they truly are, and to feel secure in themselves, to be strong in their peer group, to make good and ethical choices.

To learn how to be with others, to be kind, generous, compassionate. Being able to work with others and within systems to achieve greater goals – and also to be comfortable in solitude, to have time and space for quiet reflection.

For learning and play to take place within the lanscape and the seasons, to base the class within the woods where children can benefit from the subliminal learning and well being that comes from time spent in close embodied connection with the natural world.

Learning real and relevant life skills – changing a plug, sewing clothes, growing food, building… knowing how to use and look after their own bodies well, how to manage their internal state… good nutrition, good health.

An education which allows a child to follow its bliss, creating opportunities for direct learning with experts and masters of all disciplines. Where the teachers themselves are aware… and what they are modelling is worthy of emulation.

Being prepared to thrive in whatever world they will grow into, that we can’t even imagine yet. Strong and creative and resilient enough to face the worst aspects of the world, whilst still seeing all that is true, beautiful and good.

To nurture and encourage community for ourselves and our children, to teach by example a good way of life.

Home education offers an opportunity for individual attention and exploration of each child’s own fascinations, exposure to teachers not normally found in a classroom.

By combining this with a regular number of days per week in a structured setting, with a peer group with which to play and grow, we believe that our Foxes class and Badgers parent & child group offer the best of all worlds and create the ideal learning environment for all.


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