Tim Sanderson

Mighty Oaks was founded to provide a gentle, diverse and holistic space for growing and learning for my two daughters, and the children of other families in Norfolk. In the last seven years it has thrived and blossomed, serving over 70 families, growing into a beautiful and strong community of people.

I love living in the woods with my children and feel very fortunate to be able to share this vital, ever changing and deeply nourishing place with other families. I have used my skills as an artist, poet and woodsman to help create a place of beauty to hold Mighty Oaks, symbiotically woven into the living web of the landscape.

Seeing the children so naturally becoming intimate with the woodland and enjoying the rhythm of the seasons and playfully engaging with the shifting moods of the weather, has become source of great joy, wisdom and humility for me.


Georgie Ford 

I love being with children and I love cooking healthy veggie food and creating beautiful spaces. As a healer I am sensitive to the emotional and energetic needs of those around me.